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Here you'll find many of the articles that have appeared on the Vintage Connection website over the years. Click on any title to view the full article. Please also visit the main Vintage Connection page for our latest "issue" and articles.


Collector Concerns:

* 18th & 19th Century Fabrics
* Cleaning & Storing Antique Clothing
* Pestered by Pests
* Dangerous Weighted Victorian Silk?
* Fasteners on Antique & Vintage Clothing
* Caring for Antique & Vintage Fashions
* To Wear or Not to Wear Vintage Clothing?
* Recreating a Fashion Plate
* Photographing Your Collection
* Dating Fashions in Antique Photographs
* Guide to the Cleaning, Care, & Display of Antique & Vintage Fashions


Fashion History:

* Victorian Paper Hats & Dresses
* Vintage Paper Dresses of the 1960s
* Victorian Buttonhooks
* Antique Lingerie Dresses
* Vintage Celluloid Combs
* Ready to Wear Boom of the 1950s & 60s
* Victorian Bridal Trousseau
* 1930s Bridal Gowns and Trousseaux

* The Truth about Nylon Stockings

* Metal Mesh Fashion Accessories

* Modes in Makeup

* Fabulous 1950s Fashions from Montgomery Ward

* 1920s Bride
* Let There Be Trim!
* Circle Skirts
* Antique & Vintage Straw Hats
* Stockings & Hosiery
* Victorian Bustle Dresses
* A Bit of Corset History

* Inside Dior's New Look


From Antique Literature:







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