Regency Dresses & Patterns

including photographs of authentic garments

reprinted from Dress Design, 1920




It hasn't always been the case that historic fashion experts have shunned putting authentic garments on live models. In fact, some of the pioneers in the study of historic dress (including Dr. Cunnington and Doris Langley Moore) published books with models wearing their collections. The 1920 book Dress Design also included a number of photographs of live models wearing authentic period fashions. I've culled together the Regency era dresses (loosely defined by the book), along with some of the patterns included for early 19th century design. I have made no attempt to narrow down dating; what you see here is what the original 1920s reader also saw. Enjoy!

"A Long-trained Muslin Dress. About 1800."


Above: "Linen Dress. 1795-1808." Pattern for the bodice of this dress, Below.


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