Edwardian Shirt Waist (Blouse) Pattern

from the Fall & Winter 1903 edition of Voice of Fashion


"This waist is drafted in five (5) pieces, namely; back, front, collar, sleeves and cuff...

Gather the fullness in the front at should and neck into such space as will fit shoulder measurement and neck measurement. Join back to front at shoulder and under-arm seams. Waist opens in the back. Fold the hem in the back draft. Gather any surplus fullness at waist line both in the front and back into such space as will fit waist measurement. Join the sleeve and adjust in arms eye in the usual way, gathering any surplus fullness at top into such space as will fit arms-eye and at bottom to fit cuff. Bind neck and adjust collar in the usual way. This waist is made of soft material and trimmed with heavy lace, as illustrated."



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